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About Company

“JM PLASTICS VIETNAM CO., LTD.” is manufacturer of Polyethylene Tarpaulins and firmly maintained the summit level among Polyethylene Tarpaulins manufacturing companies, since established in Jan. 1996.

Through the precious past period, we could be able to accumulate a lot of overseas marketing experiences and manufacturing know-how what taught us how to reach customers’ requirements and get close their expectation fully.

But not satisfied enough, all members of company are trying for the best quality Polyethylene Tarpaulins in the world.

We promise to try our best efforts to satisfy customer’s demand by continuing research and the quality assurance system.

List of Production Machinery & Testing Equipments


No. Description Quantity
1 110mm water cooling type 3 Lines
2 105mm air cooling type 1 Line
3 PE fabric weaving M/C 64 Sets
4 Both side lamination M/C 1 Set


No. Description Quantity
1 10m width welding line 2 Lines
2 6m width welding line 1 Line
3 Single welding M/C 1 Set
4 Side welding M/C 4 Sets
5 Automatic eyelet punching M/C 22 Sets
6 Manual eyelet punching M/C 10 Sets
7 Sealing M/C 2 Sets
8 Automatic press banding M/C 3 Sets
9 Automatic banding M/C 2 Sets
10 Rewinding M/C 1 Set
11 Forklift 4 Sets
12 Hoist 2 Sets
13 Yarn denier testing balance 1 Set
14 Tensile strength testing M/C 1 Set